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Remember to review the major institutions and “contact points” that worked as change agents in Things Fall Apart:

·     Churches

·     Courts

·     Schools

·     Markets

·     Hospitals

·     Military

Consider the idea of change – how did the Ibo people change in reaction to the forces above? In what ways were changes positive or negative?

The Ibo people throughout the whole novel were at a disadvantage.  They were never exposed to anything other than what they knew all their lives, which was the Ibo way of living.  The concept of change was not familiar to them at all.  But when the Europeans came along, they built their church, courts, schools, and etc.  These changes brought about much confusion and anger.  The land they owned was taken from them to create things they couldn’t care less about.  However the real uproar was caused when some younger generation Ibo people started to accept these changes and conforming to them.  Most of the changes were negative because they were all too sudden, most of the people reacted violently to the changes that caused different problems everywhere.  

Consider the major contact points and change agents that impact the Korean-American Diaspora. What are they? To what extent do they create change?

A major contact point in Korean-American Diaspora would be Itaewon.  Itaewon is right next to the American Army base, which made it one of the most exotic places in Korea over time.  Because Americans are always there, naturally the Koreans there changed to be able to communicate and provide.  Itaewon has many shops, nearly all labeled in the English language.  Girls that attend Base or International schools can easily find dresses for dances at school, something that Korea cannot provide easily elsewhere.  



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