Korean Ivy League Students Quit

December 4, 2008 at 3:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Prompt questions:
1. What does Kim say is the most likely explanation for the high dropout rate among Koreans?

2. How does the dropout rate among Koreans compare to the dropout rate among other groups?

3. What are you currently doing to increase your own college readiness? Is there anything you think you should do before you graduate from high school to be better prepared for university?

4. What else do you think about this article?


1.    The main reason Kim believes is the cause for such a high dropout rate in Korean students is the pressure applied by the parents to study instead of engaging in extracurricular activities. Quote “largely attributable to Korean parents forcing their children to study rather than participate in extracurricular activities”.

2. The statistics show that Korean students are far more likely to drop out of Ivy League Schools than students of other ethnic groups. Korea is 10% ahead of number two on the list, the United States of America.

3. Currently I am not doing much to prepare for college.  I honestly do now know what I have to do in order to grow more “prepared.”  I think no matter what I do it will still feel like I am not ready.  Perhaps it’s just me though; the thought of leaving home and living alone is terrifying.  Everyone tells me that college is the best that you get to be an independent person.  Perhaps before I graduate high school I should learn to cook more various dishes so I don’t have to eat the same things over and over again.

4. Simply put I believe that the majority of students from Korea are not prepared for the differences that colleges and universities bring to a student’s life. Shifting from 24/7 studying at school and hagwons to organizing their free time into extracurricular activities besides “extra study” is a rather difficult change for the generic Korean student. Many Korean students have never experienced the lifestyle of Americans, or rather American students (high school – college); instead they have simply viewed it from a very impersonal perspective which causes them to believe that they too, can fit in to the role of a successful and happy college student. Ivy League schools are not just branded Ivy League for the hockey league developed a century ago or so, they are prestigious schools best known for their high level of education and opportunity provided to students. Korean students cannot simply bring what they learned in Korea, and connect it with the education of the Ivy League Schools. As Kim said, students have to open up and face uncomfortable changes, and if they don’t? Flip a coin, heads you stay, tails you leave.




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