The Woman Warrior at 30

December 6, 2008 at 9:52 am (Uncategorized)

The Woman Warrior surprised me very much; I’ve never read a book like that in my life.  As the article pointed out, it was hard for me to determine what type of story this book was.  Is it even possible to categorize this book into a singular genre?  Shouldn’t it just be called a mixture of a biography, fiction, and memoir?  

Maxime Hong obviously was not that much concerned about technicalities, she wrote what she desired as she saw fit.  In the first two chapters readers can tell that she is very imaginative.  It can be understood by the readers that many elements in her book are from her own experiences and others from the stories she had heard through her own very Chinese mother.  Every chapter is like a breath of fresh air, because it turns to a new motif.  She jumps from different points of views, letting her readers feel exactly as we wants us to.

Although many people criticize The Woman Warrior for having no specific genre, I feel that is only because we sometimes fail to think outside the box.  While I read the book I realized that even if most of it was fiction, the content was still very real.  Being imaginative does not make something fake.


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