The Warrior Tradition

December 9, 2008 at 12:13 pm (Uncategorized)

  1. What are some elements of the “warrior tradition”?

Some elements of the “warrior tradition” have been used over and over again they are now stereotyped.  Many warriors, very much like in woman warrior, always fight to avenge loved ones.  Fa Mulan in woman warrior is trained as a young child to avenge her family from rich corrupted Barons.  Similarly, in The House of Flying Daggers, the main woman character is driven to kill a man to avenge her Flying Daggers clan.  The idea of revenge is deep set in Asian culture.  The craziest revenge movie I’ve seen was Kill Bill hands down. 

2.      How is the natural world depicted in relation to martial arts?

The natural world is depicted as part of the warrior in relation to martial arts.  Most prominent in China, the idea of chi rules the methods and techniques of combat.  The warrior uses chi to fight his opponent, it can be seen as energy flowing through his veins.  Chi can be collected through meditation and deep concentration. 

3.      How are gender roles important to the scenes we watched?

Gender roles are extremely important to most stories, but they seems to play a bigger part in the scenes we watched in class.  In The House of Flying Daggers, the blind woman at first works at a high-class whore house, entertaining rich men.  In this scene the gender roles become prominent.  The one man in the room dominates all the other women in the room.  All of their attention is focused on his entertainment and well-being.  When he tells them something they listen attentively, and obey every word he says.  This seen portrays the higher worth of the man that everyone simply accepts.  In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon gender roles and stereotypes are spotted when the woman is dressed as a burglar, but everyone chasing after her assumes she obviously is a man. Women are expected to be quiet and at home.  They are to have no part in manly rituals.

4.    What else caught your eye or is worth noting?

I thought the most entertaining and interesting parts of the scenes we watched were the total annihilation of the rules of physics.  Beans could be bounced to and fro multiple times, bamboo shoots would sway and bend, momentum out of whack.  Chinese martial arts movies are always interesting because the women always possess super powers.  


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