Blog 22: Field Trip to the DMZ

May 14, 2009 at 3:24 am (Uncategorized)

A field trip to the DMZ would always be a gloomy trip.  The sad reality of our split country is strongly felt there. 

Even I, who has almost no personal connection with North Korea itself, feels uncomfortable and sad   at the fact that what used to be whole is not anymore.  We are the only country left that is split in the world, after Germany’s recent reunition.  I find it a shame that we only weakly attempt to reunite, and some don’t wish to reunite at all.  As the last generation that remembers our family members in the North die out, and the 21st century holds more and more superficial ideals, it becomes more and more difficult to reunite.

I find it hard to related to the North Korean refugee students, as I was born in a normal South Korean family without any significant financial problems.  I was never seperated from my family for a long time, and when I was seperated, I always had a way to contact them.  Hence I can only imagine their pain.  To not be able to meet family members is bad enough, but to not even know if they are alive or not!  That idea is almost to big to grasp. 

I think I would rather not visit the DMZ if I was a North Korean refugee, only because I would not like to be painfully reminded that I cannot see my family.  And the closeness of North Korea would make me frustrated and want to simply run across the useless border.


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